CALM Redness Relief Toner for Normal to Dry Skin
Based on 51 reviews
This toner calms the appearance of redness and soothes sensitive skin while skin-replenishing ingredients nourish and hydrate.

CALM Redness Relief Toner for Normal to Dry Skin

Based on 51 reviews
This toner calms the appearance of redness and soothes sensitive skin while skin-replenishing ingredients nourish and hydrate.
  • Helps reinforce a healthy barrier
  • Works immediately to soothe skin
  • Milky, ultra-gentle fluid texture
  • Use twice daily after cleansing skin
Skin Types:
Sensitive Skin, Dry Skin
Skin Redness


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    118 ml
    A$29.00 A$21.75
Why is it different?
CALM Redness Relief Toner for Normal to Dry Skin is a beneficial milky fluid with a unique mix of hydrating, skin-replenishing, and anti-ageing ingredients that smooth, soften, and visibly lessen redness. It is an essential step in any skincare routine to renew skin after cleansing. Can also help remove the last traces of makeup.
What does it do?
Instantly soothes sensitive skin while its specialised mix of antioxidants and skin-replenishing ingredients nourishes and hydrates for visibly healthier-looking, more resilient skin. With ongoing use, helps fight visible signs of redness and wrinkles. It is gentle enough even for skin prone to rosacea.
How to use
After cleansing, apply toner to a cotton pad and gently stroke over face and neck. Do not rinse. Follow with the rest of your morning or evening skincare routine. For daytime, finish with a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 15 or greater.
Show details

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Product Ingredients

Water, Glycerin (hydration/skin replenishing), Cyclopentasiloxane (hydration), Glycerth-26 (emollient), Allantoin (skin-soothing), Genistein (antioxidant), Carnosine (antioxidant/skin-soothing), Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (skin-soothing), Epigallocatechin Gallate (antioxidant), Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract (licorice extract/skin-soothing), Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract (antioxidant/skin-soothing), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (skin replenishing/emollient), Dimethiconol (hydration), Sodium Hyaluronate (hydration/skin replenishing), Oleic Acid (skin replenishing), Linolenic Acid (skin replenishing), Palmitic Acid (skin replenishing), Linoleic Acid (skin replenishing), Phospholipids (skin replenishing), Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract (willow herb extract/skin-soothing), Polysorbate 20 (texture-enhancing), Hydrogenated Lecithin (skin replenishing), Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer (texture-enhancing), Xanthan Gum (texture-enhancing), Laureth-4 (texture-enhancing), Laureth-23 (texture-enhancing), Sodium Hydroxide (pH adjuster), Butylene Glycol (hydration), Disodium EDTA (stabilizer), Ethylhexylglycerin (preservative), Phenoxyethanol (preservative).

Ratings & Reviews

Can't live without it


I never thought I needed a toner, and then I tried Calm Redness Relief toner. I use in place of moisturizer morning and evening, and get an instant calming on my rosacea prone skin. It imparts the perfect amount of moisture without ever being greasy. For the love of all that is holy, please do not change or discontinue this toner! I cannt live without!!


Los Angeles


Perfect soothing toner !


I have tried many of Paula's choice cleansers and this is by far my favourite. Its beautiful. I have dry sensitive skin and therefore I like to get this on immediately after cleansing. I also like that it's slightly viscose than some other PC toners and I just use my hands not a cotton pad because I don't wear much make up. It's a perfect first step and soothes all my redness and feels amazing. My skin feels much for able to take on a BHA exfoliant which is my next step. I highly recommend this toner if you have sensitive skin




Reduces redness


I love this toner. I use this as the first step after I cleanse and it's fantastic. Definitely reduces and soothes any redness I have and sinks in quickly.




Great product I'm already on my second bottle!


I have fair skin with slight redness that is very dry. This toner does reduce the redness in my skin and leaves me hydrated. I'm in the process of purchasing my second bottle.


Albuquerque, NM


It is very good


This product is great. I use it twice a day for breakouts on my extra sensitive skin. It also soothes and reduces redness. Love it. I'm ordering this toner and cleanser from another collection for acne prone skin the most. Was frustrated to see this product got bad reviews. Hopefully Paula doesn't discontinue this one. It's frustrating every time I find that one of my faves is not available any more


Yorktown, VA


Works great on my hypersensitive neck


I use this product on the hypersensitive skin on my neck and behind my knees. It gently hydrates and soothes without causing any irritation or redness. I can't understand why this super product isn't more highly rated.

Super Virgo

Rochester, NY


favorite toner


I've never had a toner that didn't smell like garbage until this one. Nice packaging. Thick in texture and I can actually feel it working.




I love this toner. So gentle and calming


I have found my favorite line in this new CALM line. I just love everything CALM for dry skin. My skin is so sensitive, easy to break out and often have dry patches. I have tried the Resist Replenishing toner and while i like that too, I love this better. I feel like this fits my skin type much better. This CALM line really does it job in calming redness and breakouts. I see instant results and loving it right away. Love love! Thankyou for creating this CALM line for people who have complicated skin conditions like me! (Dry, acne prone and super sensitive).

Linda L

Azusa, CA


One of the standout PC products for me!


Being Canadian and with our weak dollar right now, I am particularly demanding of the products I am willing to order from the US. They have to be unique formulations that I can't dupe for less $$ locally, and be effective for my skin concerns. This product is one of those irreplaceable superstars that is worth the trouble and expense for me. I have type 1 rosacea, and this toner is soothing and calming like few other things I have found. I apply with my fingers, quite liberally on my cheeks and nose twice a day. When I am having a flare up, this will reduce the redness for me pretty well immediately upon application. I have looked extensively for other toners/emulsions/essences with similar ingredients, and have yet to find anything that remotely compares. As far as the sheer number of proven skin soothing ingredients, and the lack of irritants such as fragrance and alcohol, I believe this product is unbeatable, really at any price...which annoys me every time I crack open my wallet and face that exchange rate, but it is what it is. I believe this product is unique, and worth trying for anyone with red, sensitive skin.




Happy Skin, Happy Me!


My skin easily changes due to a number of reasons (work environment, natural environment, stress, sleep, diet, hormones) and so I am constantly changing products. However, I have nearly finished a bottle of this product (I hardly ever finished a bottle of one product because I have many on rotation). I will definitely be purchasing more because no matter how my skin changes, this always has a positive effect upon it.





3.2 51