Anti-Pollution Antioxidants

Anti-Pollution Antioxidants

Antioxidants are without question the most powerful ingredients you can apply to your skin to diminish the visible damage of pollution. That’s because antioxidants help to intercept the damage before it can have a significant impact on skin.

Paula’s Choice Skincare LOVES antioxidants. We have followed the research about them for years and our formulas are filled to the brim with these vitally important ingredients. We also love how antioxidants help ease the look of redness because of their strong calming properties.

The fastest way to add this kind of protection to your skin is with one of our concentrated antioxidant serums. No matter which one you select (and it’s OK to use more than one), you will be fighting against pollution’s effects on skin every day and every night!

A lot of people wonder if there are special or specific antioxidants for fighting the effects of pollution. Despite what you might have read, the truth is there is no single best antioxidant; instead, there are lots of amazing and potent antioxidants that help defend skin from environmental assault. The more of these you apply, the better.

What’s known for certain is that it takes a range of exceptional antioxidants to safeguard your skin from the visible effects of pollution. That’s because different antioxidants work against the different processes in which various types of pollutants harm your skin. Don’t make the mistake of getting caught up in trying to find the “best” antioxidant; you want the best leave-on products with the most antioxidants, that’s what matters.

Keep in mind that you must protect your skin with antioxidants, day and night: Pollution knows no boundaries. It does not stop at your doorstep or take a vacation to give your skin a much-needed rest. It varies based on location (city air pollution is far worse than rural pollution), but it’s ever present in our world, no matter where you live. Antioxidants are the answer!

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