How to Keep Your Neck & Chest Looking Young

How to Keep Your Neck & Chest Looking Young

Signs of ageing such as crepey skin, uneven skin tone, and sagging show up sooner on parts of the body that haven’t been shielded from the sun. This is especially true for the neck and chest because we tend to neglect applying a daily SPF on those areas.

The question many women ask is do they need a special décolletage (chest) or neck cream? The answer is absolutely not! This is what you can do to keep your neck and chest looking as young as possible.

Do You Need a Special Chest or Neck Cream?

The truth is that buying a separate product for these areas is unnecessary and more often than not a total waste of money. Surprisingly these products rarely contain ingredients that can help improve the signs of ageing or they come in jars, and appallingly they almost never contain sunscreen!

Perhaps the biggest reason such creams are unnecessary is that the well-formulated products you use for your face will work beautifully on your neck and chest, too. Skin anywhere on your body requires the same types of beneficial ingredients as your face—skin-replenishing ingredients, antioxidants, soothing agents, skin-restoring ingredients, and sunscreen during the day to delay the appearance of ageing skin!

There’s absolutely no research showing the neck or chest needs special ingredients!

Skincare Steps for the Neck & Chest

Here’s what you can do that will keep your neck and chest appearing younger and healthier.

Consistently use the exact same exceptional skincare routine you use for your face on your neck and chest too. The only time you ever need to use separate products for those area is if you’re addressing different skin concerns such as acne or very dry skin.

Clothing often exposes the neck and chest to the sun, making these areas especially vulnerable. Always protect your exposed neck and chest with daily application of broad-spectrum sunscreen rated. This is the best single step you can take to keep this area of your skin looking youthful and smooth for years to come. Moreover, if used as directed with other sun protection measures, wearing sunscreen decreases the risk of skin cancer.

Consider adding an anti-ageing booster to your skin care routine. Our Paula’s Choice Skincare Anti-Aging Boosters are formulated with potent anti-ageing ingredients for dramatic results. Each one has a beautiful lightweight texture. These can be applied directly to skin or mixed in with your moisturiser or serum.

Is There Help for Turkey Neck?

What’s frustrating about the neck is that it tends to sag faster than other parts of the face. This is to some extent about skincare (or lack thereof), but it’s also because the neck is affected by the pull of gravity sooner than other parts of your body and face.

As much as it pains us to say, there’s a point of no return where age-related sagging can only be addressed with advanced procedures discussed with your physician—not skincare, no matter how tempting the claims are.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore your neck, just the opposite—but you need to be realistic and stop hunting for a special product with miraculous claims that will never work. Help the skin on your neck by extending your entire skincare routine there too.


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