The Best Diet for Your Skin, from the Outside In

The Best Diet for Your Skin, from the Outside In

There’s no question that eating a healthy diet can visibly transform your skin. Research has made it 100% clear that foods rich in vital nutrients, such as vitamins, key minerals, omega fatty acids, fish oils, proteins, as well as antioxidants will keep your skin looking younger, longer.

Fascinating research also shows that it’s equally important to give your skin a healthy diet topically, by applying well-formulated skincare products loaded with the rich vital nutrients the body needs, especially antioxidants and omega fatty acids. Healthy skincare products can provide what you need—from the outside in—to prevent and minimise wrinkles, ageing, environmental stress, and even mid-life changes.

With the above in mind, our Paula’s Choice Skincare science-based antioxidant- and omega fatty acid–enriched formulations are designed to make a world of difference from the outside in. Depriving your skin of the nutrients it needs to thrive is not an option we want you to ever consider!

If you feed your skin a healthy, revitalising diet each day, it will quickly show its appreciation. Here are some of our favourite ingredients to look for in the products you use:

Antioxidants (vitamin C, green tea, beta-glucan, kelp, grape extract).

Skin-replenishing ingredients (ceramides, hyaluronic acid, omega-enriched plant oils).

Skin-restoring ingredients (retinol, niacinamide, peptides).

Soothing ingredients (licorice, oat, willow herb).

Skin-brightening ingredients (bearberry, mulberry).

Omega-enriched ingredients for hydration (chia seed oil, shea butter, passion fruit oil, olive oil, plum oil).

Acne- and blackhead-minimising ingredients (salicylic acid).

Broad-spectrum sunscreen (this isn’t food, but it’s the most important part of any anti-ageing skincare routine).

The ingredients we list above are the types of ingredients you need if you want to have the best skin of your life, in the short term and over the long term. These essential types of ingredients have been a cornerstone of Paula’s Choice Skincare formulas for 25 years—and we continue to follow the latest research on how beneficial ingredients impact and improve skin’s healthy, youthful appearance!

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