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  • 5 Common Beauty Myths, Busted!

    5 Common Beauty Myths, Busted!

    Should you buy products based on your age? Does makeup cause acne? Are "age" spots really about age? We want you to know the facts because that’s really the only way to get the best skin of your life!

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  • 5 More Common Beauty Myths, Busted!

    5 More Common Beauty Myths, Busted!

    We love busting beauty myths! We think you’ll enjoy learning whether natural ingredients are best or if drinking more water stops dry skin. Discover the facts because that’s the only way to get the best skin of your life!

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  • Alcohol in Skincare: The Facts

    Alcohol in Skincare: The Facts

    It's tempting to think alcohol-based moisturizers, serums and toners aren't really that bad for skin, and there is no shortage of debate on the topic. We're here to stage an intervention with the sobering truth revealed by the latest research: alcohol is one skin-damaging ingredient you should avoid!

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  • 5 Beauty Myths Most of Us Believe

    5 Beauty Myths Most of Us Believe

    Most of us have heard and believe beauty tips, but did you know lots of them simply aren't true? We debunk the top beauty lies and explain why they're false, based on published research, not hype!

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  • 5 Bogus Cosmetic Claims

    5 Bogus Cosmetic Claims

    All of us have heard cosmetic claims that sound official or convincing. Many of us believe them time and time again, but did you know the most common cosmetic claims shouldn't be trusted? Find out why and learn the truth behind the claims that often compel us to buy the wrong products.

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  • 5 Retinol Myths, Busted

    5 Retinol Myths, Busted

    Confused by the misinformation surrounding retinol? Find out why you SHOULD combine retinol with ingredients like vitamin C, AHA or BHA for younger-looking, skin-smoothing results.

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  • Can Niacinamide and Vitamin C Be Used Together?

    Can Niacinamide and Vitamin C Be Used Together?

    Are niacinamide and vitamin C the skincare equivalent of oil and water? There’s a lot of confusion as to whether these two superstar ingredients cancel each other out when applied at the same time. We’ve got the answer to this big skincare question.

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  • The Truth About Toxic Cosmetics Ingredients

    The Truth About Toxic Cosmetics Ingredients

    There’s a lot of controversy over so-called “toxic” ingredients hiding in skincare and makeup products. Should you really be worried? We’ll look at the truth behind the claims, and explain why you can rest easy. Read More
  • Are Parabens a Problem?

    Are Parabens a Problem?

    Of all the so-called “toxic” cosmetics ingredients causing controversy online, parabens top the list. We go beyond the hype to look at the research behind parabens in makeup and skincare, and let you know if you really should be concerned.

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  • Skincare by Age?

    Skincare by Age?

    Skincare advice is often based on your age, but such advice is usually more about marketing to your emotions than it is about great skincare. This must-read article explains what ageless skincare is all about. Read More
  • Mixing & Matching Skin-Care Products

    Mixing & Matching Skin-Care Products

    Sales pressure and misleading information have likely made you believe that you must use products from the same brand to see results. You may have been told that adding products from different brands will make the other products you are using ineffective, or not work as well as they could. None of this is true in the least. Not only is it perfectly OK to mix and match products from different brands, but sometimes doing so is essential if you want to get the best results possible!

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  • The Korean Skincare Guide

    The Korean Skincare Guide

    Whether it’s the infamous "10-step beauty routine" or buzz over sheet masks and bee venom infused moisturisers, Korean skincare has made its mark on the cosmetics industry. While good skincare isn’t inherent to any region on Earth—both good and bad products are sold anywhere you look—the Korean beauty routine does have its differences.

    At its core, the Korean skincare regimen is about taking a multi-step approach, sometimes upwards of 10+ steps in a routine. Rather than all-in-one formulas, there is a greater emphasis on separate and distinct targeted treatment steps for your skin concerns, followed by strict daily sunscreen use (without exception).

    While the number of treatment steps in a Korean skincare routine can seem overwhelming, we’re willing to bet there are more similarities than differences to the products you already use. For example, if you use a makeup remover, cleanser, toner, exfoliant, serum and moisturiser, you’re already on the path. In many instances, the products used in Korean skincare routines are simply variations of those treatments you’re already familiar with, with some differences in delivery systems or textures.

    We’ll take a closer look at the more common steps in the Korean skincare routine to help you decide which may be worth considering for your concerns. (And which steps or products you can ignore.)

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