Polyamide-8 at a Glance

  • A synthetic polymer made from multiple ingredients
  • Serves as an emollient, occlusive, film-former, and binding agent
  • Often used in lipsticks and eyeshadows
  • Can create clear formulas with high gloss and water resistance

Polyamide-8 Description

Polyamide-8 is a synthetic polymer made from the plasticising solvent neopentyl glycol, the benign fatty alcohol stearyl alcohol, and naturally-derived hydrogenated dilinoleic acid. The blend produces a new ingredient that offers emollient, binding, and film-forming properties.

Polyamide-8 is often used in sunscreens, lipsticks, lip glosses, and eyeshadows due to its water- and transfer-resistant properties which improve wear time. It is compatible with a wide range of oils, where it helps provide better structure.

The molecular weight of this ingredient prohibits penetration into skin. Usage levels of polyamide-8 range from 1–10%, though lower amounts may be used depending on the intended results. It is considered safe as used in cosmetics.

Polyamide-8 References

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See stearyl alcohol linoleic acid polymer

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