Linum usitatissimum (linseed) seed oil

Linum usitastissimum (linseed) seed oil is more commonly known as flaxseed oil. It’s a significant plant source of omega fatty acids, primarily an omega-3 fatty acid (linolenic acid) that’s been shown to have a soothing effect on skin.

These polyunsaturated fatty acids, which also include oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids, enhance skin’s hydration by preventing moisture loss. Linseed/flax oil has been shown to penetrate skin’s uppermost layers easily, carrying other beneficial ingredients with it (but those ingredients also have to be oil soluble so, for example, linseed wouldn’t be a good carrier for water-soluble vitamin C but is great for delivering oil-soluble vitamin E).

Linseed oil is also a top source of lignans, phenolic plant compounds that have antioxidant ability.

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