Glucosylceramides are a type of sphingolipid (a complex, long-chain lipid) known as a glycosphingolipid. Glucosylceramides are composed of a ceramide and sugar molecule known as glucose. They’re responsible for the healthy formation and appearance of skin’s upper layers, known as the epidermis, and are the primary glycosphingolipid in this portion of the skin.

Research has shown that oral consumption of glucosylceramides, whether from wheat, corn, rice bran, beets, or konjac root can make it from the digestion process to skin. Interestingly (but not too surprising) research has also shown that glucosylceramides have less benefit for normal skin than they do for dry, sun-damaged, or otherwise compromised skin.

Plant-derived glucosylceramides can visibly repair and strengthen skin’s barrier, improve hydration channels in skin, and interrupt factors in skin that trigger signs of sensitivity, dryness, and dullness. In short, glucosylceramides are proving to be an integral ingredient for healthier skin at any age, and nicely complement a range of ceramides used in topical skin care products.

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