Allantoin at a Glance

  • Occurs naturally in most organisms but can be produced synthetically
  • Has both soothing and moisturising properties for skin
  • Helps mitigate skin’s response to more active ingredients
  • Used in concentrations up to 2% in cosmetics

Allantoin Description

Allantoin is a byproduct of uric acid that can be extracted from urea and is the result of metabolic processes that occur in most organisms – among them animals (including humans) and bacteria. It can also be extracted from comfrey (taken from the roots and leaves) and is proven safe and effective because it does not contain the potentially irritating alkaloid compounds that occur in the comfrey plant.

Despite the natural source of allantoin being safe, the type of allantoin used in skin care products is generally produced synthetically as this guarantees no impurities while sacrificing none of allantoin’s effectiveness. It serves as an effective soothing agent and has moisturising properties, giving it value especially in products designed to treat sensitive or compromised skin. It can also help mitigate skin’s response to stronger active ingredients and is often included in formulas to help buffer any potential adverse effects.

In cosmetics, it is used in concentrations up to 2%, but in clinical settings it can be used in greater amounts, where research has shown it can have an impact on healing. In the United States, it is FDA-approved as an over the counter (OTC) skin protectant in concentrations of 0.5–2%.

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