Spiraea ulmaria (meadowsweet) extract

Spiraea ulmaria extract, commonly known as meadowsweet, is a plant whose various parts have been shown to calm factors in skin that lead to signs of irritation. Antioxidants flavonoids and phenolic acids in meadowsweet such as flavonoids rutoside, spiraeoside, and isoquercitrin are believed to be the key contributors to this benefit.

Spiraea ulmaria is also a natural source of salicylates such as salicin, and is sometimes claimed to be a natural source of the exfoliating ingredient salicylic acid. But it doesn’t work like salicylic acid on skin because the salicylates require the digestive system to become salicylic acid--this process doesn’t happen on skin, but these compounds share salicylic acid’s redness-calming benefits.

This plant extract seems to inhibit an enzyme in skin (5-alpha reductase) that can trigger excess oil production. Therefore, it’s likely that meadowsweet will have a noticeable effect on skin’s surface oil for those struggling with oily skin.

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