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Our products contain proven ingredients that:

  • Reduces redness & inflammation caused by rosacea
  • Gently exfoliate and calm your sensitive skin
  • Protect and preserve your skin's critical moisture

Our products contain proven ingredients that:

  • Reduces redness & inflammation caused by rosacea
  • Gently exfoliate and calm your sensitive skin
  • Protect and preserve your skin's critical moisture
Salicylic Acid
The #1 exfoliant for those struggling with acne or blackheads. Salicylic acid is also a brilliant anti-inflammatory ingredient to reduce redness from rosacea.
Ceramides are a key element for keeping sensitive, rosacea-affected skin looking and feeling its best. They help to repair and restore the skin's natural barrier so it can become smoother, softer, and healthier.
Glycerin, combined with other moisturizing agents, is an essential ingredient for improving the barrier function of rosacea-prone skin. It helps repair and maintain your skin to prevent dryness, flaking, and sensitivity.
Green Tea
One of the most well-researched antioxidants around, green tea is proven to reduce facial redness, repair irritated skin, and enables skin to better withstand environmental damage.

Success Stories

Paulas choice products have been a lifesaver for my rosacea prone skin. It has never been this clear or calm before!

  • "I've suffered with extremely sensitive skin and mild rosacea for many years.. I'd been reduced to using only plain water and aloe vera gel on my face because everything else made me break out. Seven months ago a friend introduced me to your products, and I will never again use any other line of skin care. My skin has gone from red and irritated to beautiful and glowing. Inconsiderate people used to ask what was wrong with my skin or comment on my "sunburn." Now, I actually get compliments on my "beautiful skin!" Thank you so much for skin care products that are actually good for skin!"
    –Christy R.
  • "I am 40 years old with Rosacea and combination skin. Finding a good moisturizer has been a nightmare! I have finally found a wonderful combination with the Pure Mineral Sunscreen and HydraLight Moisture Infusing Lotion. I use the sunscreen in the morning and the moisturizer in the evening along with my medications. My skin is so much softer and less red. Thank you for two great products!"
    –Chris D.
  • "I just tried the Barely There Sheer Matte Tint sample this morning and love it! I've been using Revlon Colorstay Makeup, but have found with my Rosacea, it was difficult to blend. I was concerned the Barely There would not cover the redness, but it exceeded my expectations. Plus, my skin is so soft and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation. I'm converted! Thank you for such wonderful products."
  • "As a 22 year old male with rosacea (and hopelessly uninformed about skincare, something my girlfriend should worry about) I spent a number of years seeking out the best products for my sensitive skin. Your website, reviews and products have changed my skin for the better and I feel compelled to thank you. Your BHA products, specifically, are the greatest products I have ever used on my skin, they have radically changed the texture and colour of my skin from it's naturally angry looking appearance to smooth, calm and healthy.

    What I respect so much about you is that you recommend other great products from a myriad of lines. Since I will be living abroad in the fall and won't have the same ease of access to your line I am glad to know that I can use Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer with my PC BHA and continue with the happy skin I've had for the last year.

    The information you provide to your customers and the public at large is unbelievable. It is because of you that I sought out a dermatologist who took hold of my rosacea prone skin, invested in IPL treatments and finally got the relief I'd been seeking.

    Your products and good work, I suspect, are a reflection of you: impeccable. Keep up the terrific work, it is truly appreciated."
    –Patrick M.