Take charge of your skincare. Our PC4MEN Kit includes everything you need to get and keep healthy, smoother skin, while making redness and bumps a distant memory.

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Take charge of your skincare. Our PC4MEN Kit includes everything you need to get and keep healthy, smoother skin, while making redness and bumps a distant memory.
  • Fragrance-free, non-irritating formulas
  • Includes FREE Travel Bag ($30 value)

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.

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Additional Information

Why is it different?

PC4MEN Kit is a comprehensive collection of skincare products that is unlike any other men’s line. This kit allows every man to follow a simple, yet highly effective, routine for visibly healthier, younger-looking skin. The products feature good-for-skin ingredients, proven to be beneficial for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and are free of the fragrance, artificial dyes or irritating ingredients often found in other men's products.

This kit contains: 
PC4MEN Face Wash (177 ml/ 6 fl. oz.) 
PC4Men Shave (177 ml/ 6 fl. oz.) 
PC4Men Soothe + Smooth (88 ml/ 3 fl. oz.) 
PC4Men Daytime Protect SPF 15 (60 ml/ 2 fl. oz.) 
PC4Men Nighttime Repair (50 ml/ 1.7 fl. oz.)

What does it do?

Used together morning and evening, the PC4MEN products give men’s skin everything it needs—and nothing it doesn’t—in every step of your routine. From cleansing to shaving, this kit will address all your skincare concerns, including dryness, redness, rough skin, wrinkles, sun damage, and bumps leaving you with visibly healthier, younger-looking skin.

How to use

Step 1 Wash: AM/PM

Step 2 Shave: AM or PM

Step 3 Soothe + Smooth: AM and/or PM

Step 4 Daytime Protect with SPF: AM

Step 4 Nighttime Repair: PM

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Research Our products are well-researched and backed by our guarantee to deliver effective results. You can view research studies for each product in this set on its individual product page.
Key Ingredients
Product Ingredients Our products contain effective levels of ingredients guaranteed to be good for your skin. You can view ingredients for each product in this set on its individual product page.

Ratings & Reviews

Good assortment for all skin types, but could be better


I've used every product in this kit, but not all together, rather when they were packaged under the original line (i.e., earthsource, Resist nrml to oily, skin bala, etc). The only thing that was brand new was the shaving cream, which I love! I'll start with that first. It comes out of the tube and looks like cake icing. It's very lubricating, I don't have to wait long to start shaving, and although my beard is heavy I don't have to shave twice. It rinses clean, and the toner I use that day (either the Resist, or the Earth-source or Skin Recovery)removes any lingering residue. Then it's on to the smooth and soothe or the Resist 8% gel, just depending on how my skin is feeling and acting. I turned 55 in March and my skin type has been changing from Normal to Dry/Oily combo to Normal or N/D combo with the nose area only getting shiny. No breakouts, but it has taken some time to get used to changing my routine. I tried the SPF daytime moisturizer when it was part of Skin Balancing, but chemical-based SPF products cause awful itching and pain, so I stay far away. The face wash is the Earthsource gel based cleanser, and it cleans well and rinses away, leaving your face clean and grime free. The night time face cream is the Resist Barrier Repair lotion, and I've been using it for 4 years. It's lightweight yet substantial enough for most guys to find it good, especiall those in the younger years. If you feel you need lighter, or something stronger, call Customer Service, they'll help guide you to the right product, even if PC doesn't make it. True! The CS is legendary for a reason. So what would make this a better skin care line? Adding a toner, and a serum, are no brainers. Work on education guys as to why they need these items. And please, broaden the products to include other skin types! Ot at least a questionnaire on the "Mens Products" page to help them see what is on the other pages...something that's inclusionary and educational (a reminder that none of us are getting younger, and if you find yourself job hunting you have to look your best and present your experience and job qualifications, etc..) So, all in all this is a great start. Now add a little more...

Scott B.

Worthington, Ohio


Some products work some don't


Bought this for my husband since I'm a pc products fan. Unfortunately he didn't love everything. The face wash felt like it didn't do the job right. His skin still felt not clean. And he said the shaving cream made his skin get irritated and hard to shave. The toner made him get forehead breakouts. But he loves the daytime and nighttime moisturizers. So far they didn't cause any breakouts and has worked well with his skin.


Jamaica NY


Not for all skin types..


I am a 43 yr old female who has been obsessed with skin care for many years. I have a medical background (physician assistant) so I understand the science behind skin care quite well, plus I incessantly read medical journals re: skin care, and of course I read the fabulous information on this incredible web site! I purchased all the PC4MEN items within this set individually vs. buying the ready-made kit for my father. Since he uses an electric razor, there is no reason for the shave cream, otherwise I would have bought the actual kit. Sadly, my father is displeased with results from PC4MEN. I switched my father from Josie Maran's products to PC4MEN. The reason I did so was because he loves Josie's daily face moisturizer (which contains SPF) so much that he has been using it AM and PM for almost 2 years. My father is 72 ys old, but can seriously pass for 58-60. His skin feels baby smooth and he loves his current regimen, but I was hoping to start him on Paula's lime which I personally love so much. Plus I'd like to get him away from using a face cream with SPF at night, despite how luxurious it feels. (Although I don't think the titanium dioxide & zinc oxide in the PM as not harming his skin, nor has he had clogged pores?). After my father switched to all PC4men products, he has continuously told me his skin has never been so dry. SO, I bought him "Moisture Boost, " by PC to add his regimen, but still, he is not happy. I told him I would return the items, but he insists on finishing the products as he feels badly returning anything I give him. (I wonder if he is even using the multiple products by PC4MEN any longer?) I as thinking... Why not offer a PC4MEN for men choice for men with dry skin? Or "dry/very dry" like they offer for women? Or for those men with sensitive skin? I realize the PC items in general are unisex, but the packaging isn't and some men don't like using what looks like products for women. Since PC has a fabulous men's line which is nice for some men that like to use products "formulated particularly men," why not offer a selection by skin type? Thank you!!

Skin care obsessed

Livingston, NJ

Great Overall Kit that saves money


Buying the kit will save a lot of money compared to individual purchases, therefore if you need two or more items from the line, opting for the kit is a better option. The cleanser is great, does the job, removes sunscreen and powder. I didn't buy the kit for this product but it is an amazing cleanser. The shave cream is does the job, a great travel product as most shaving gels/creams come in a pressurised packaging. However, the price is a bit high when buying individually. I didn't buy the kit for this product-- but it is an amazing bonus. The Soothe and Smooth exfoliator is a gentler BHA compared to the 2% BHA [regular or extra clear strength]. It feels very lightweight and is perfect as an aftershave. I bought the kit wanting this product. The Daytime Protect moisturiser had a great light texture that somehow reduces the redness from my acne hyper-pigmentation despite not having any flesh-tint. I really like the product however, I don't like the smell it has. It has no fragrance. I didn't buy the kit for this product but it is an amazing bonus. Great for oily/combo skins. The Nighttime moisturiser is the best moisturiser I've used. The lightweight texture is amazing. It has retinol. It calms down redness after using in conjunction with the BHA. I bought the kit for this product. I recommend this product for everyone. The PC4men bag is a great bonus that comes with the kit. The quality of the bag is superb. It feels durable and the colour scheme and design suits my preferences. I bought the kit also wanting this bag. Overall, the kit had 1 con: I didn't like the sunscreen smell, but I'm slowly getting used to it. The pros are: Great price and amazing product quality.

Junichi Ocena



Great Idea


Bought this for my husband after he used some samples I got for him. I will summarise his comments for each product. Face Wash - he likes this stuff, but alternates with my cream cleanser in the mornings as it's a little drying for him. It definitley does a good job of removing everything from his face (as a tradie he gets a fair bit of oil and "gunk" from work). Shave - he LOVES this stuff, says its the best he's ever used. It makes shaving much more comfortable and easier for him. Soothe & Smooth - we both use this stuff and really like it. He can use it both morning and night, I can only use it in the evenings to avoid irritation. Makes both his face and his hands suuuper soft and smooth. Daytime Protect SPF - this is the reason I took a star off the kit. It's too drying for him and it also caused irritation to his eyes. He uses my Skin Recovery SPF during the days. We returned this product. (Yay for PCs awesome returns policy). Nighttime Repair - like the sooth & smooth, this is one we both use and like. It's a really nice night cream and again it has helped make his face and his hands suuuuper soft and smooth. Overall the kit is a winner, even though we had to return the SPF - he also really likes the travel bag that came with the kit. I appreciate Paula's Choice honesty in explaining that the products in this kit are identical to others in the range just rebadged, but the rebadging certainly helped me convince my husband to use nice skincare finally. Both husband and I have noticed a marked improvement in his skin with a month of use - smoother, clearer, softer and healthier looking. I would not buy the whole kit again - especially with the SPF product - but I will certainly be buying the products we both like from the kit individually again.


Brisbane, AU


Great kit


Great products. My husband is not one who cares too much about skincare but this has changed his mind. He can see a big difference in the condition of his skin just from using the samples that came in my original order.




he likes it!


I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift, since I LOVE PC. . He like all the men's products except the shaving cream, it is just too creamy and not enough foaming.I use it now to shave my legs and I like the creaminess.



Good...but not yet great


I've been using PC products for years and was mightily pleased when a men's range was finally launched. I've used every product in the range and of course they're quality. Only thing is...they seem designed primarily for men with normal/oily skin and not all men have this skin type! This being winter in England, I find the range slightly too drying/mattifying for skin. I sure hope Paula addresses this in future development.



Essential for men!


I was really impressed by the entire men's line.This is top quality products that I have seen majorimprovements in just a couple of days.

David F.


A must have for men


I am a PC fan, and I bought this set for my hubby. At first he was a little reluctant-it seemed like alot of work.....but after a few days he told he his skin "felt better" It also looked better-no more redness or dryness. The other day a friend who hadn't seen him in months noticed a difference. It's amazing how men get neglected in the skin care dept-they really aren't aware. My only request with the mens line, is to make something for men who dry shave vs use the razor.

Gail W.



4.4 14