Based on 10 reviews


A kit of the essential SKIN RECOVERY products you need to enrich and renew dull, dehydrated skin, while maintaining and increasing skin’s moisture levels to create a smoother, more radiant, and visibly younger complexion.

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.


Based on 10 reviews


A kit of the essential SKIN RECOVERY products you need to enrich and renew dull, dehydrated skin, while maintaining and increasing skin’s moisture levels to create a smoother, more radiant, and visibly younger complexion.
  • Restores vital moisture and suppleness
  • Helps fight multiple signs of ageing and sun damage
  • Rich, hydrating formulas

*This item is not eligible for additional discounts.

Skin Types:
Dry/Very Dry Skin
Eczema, Dry/Very Dry Skin

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Why is it different?
This basic skincare routine includes four expertly formulated products to help eliminate dry, flaky skin while restoring radiance and addressing the first signs of ageing, including around the eyes—all without fragrance or irritating ingredients that can make dryness worse.

This kit contains:
SKIN RECOVERY Softening Cream Cleanser (237 ml/ 8 fl. oz.)
SKIN PERFECTING 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant (100 ml/ 3.3 fl. oz.)
SKIN RECOVERY Daily Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15 (60 ml/ 2 fl. oz.)
SKIN RECOVERY Replenishing Moisturizer (60 ml/ 2 fl. oz.)

What does it do?
Each product in this kit works with the others to revitalise and restore a plumped, supple feel to dry skin. You’ll feel smoother, softer skin and see a visible improvement in the first signs of ageing, such as fine lines, loss of radiance, and wrinkles. These products are gentle enough for sensitive skin, even skin prone to eczema.
How to use
Step 1 Cleanser: AM/PM

Step 2 Exfoliant: AM and/or PM

Step 3 Moisturiser with SPF: AM

Step 3 Moisturiser: PM

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Research Our products are well-researched and backed by our guarantee to deliver effective results. You can view research studies for each product in this set on its individual product page.
Key Ingredients
Product Ingredients Our products contain effective levels of ingredients guaranteed to be good for your skin. You can view ingredients for each product in this set on its individual product page.

Ratings & Reviews

Perfect for mature skin


I am 53 years old, I take good care of my skin, eat well, value the importance of sleep (to let my skin rest) and of course exercise, which all help our skin to look its best. I love! this set of products, as it provides me with the most balanced (skin tone), moisturised and soft skin. I also use the BHA on my neck, chest and arms, and I am really pleased with this type of exfoliant as opposed to other forms I've used in the past. During the winter months (In Summer I will use a lighter moisturiser) I give my skin time to absorb the moisturiser, then apply (dab) another light layer to my cheek bones and lines around my eyes and anywhere else that I may find I need a little more. Overall I need this particular combination of products for the best results. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Thank you PC!!


Brisbane, Australia


In a few days, I had the best skin I've had in a long time


Wow, this kit is really incredible. I have never used anything that gave such rapid, positive results. My skin texture improved literally after 3 days. I have sensitive skin, so the BHA liquid is a little bit stingy on my skin, but really a small trade off for the results I've experienced. Also, the daily SPF moisturizer is very hydrating, but looks a little greasy. I am a fan of the glowing skin look, so not a big deal for me. Wow, again, a really great kit. Really turned my skin around.

Rae R.

Minneapolis, MN


Excellent resultos


I purchased this about a month ago. The results are excellent. I have dry skin, with large pores and some acne scars. My skin is softer, my pores seem under control and even my old acne scars are lighter. I don't have deep wrinkles, but I see improvement in the thin lines around my lips and on my forehead. I definitely recommend this a starter kit, and I'm now planning on trying more products from Paula's Choice. If I had to pick a favorite product from the kit, I would have to say the AHA exfoliator. I never liked using acid or peel, but this one is very gentle, doesn't make me itchy or cracked, and it yields serious results.


San Francisco, CA


Perfect for Sensitive Skin!


I live in Colorado and it is permanently dry here. I also have sensitive skin, so other anti-aging products that I have tried (not from Paula's Choice line) always seem to irritate my skin and make me break out as well as burn. These products are fantastic! I've received compliments on how soft and smooth my skin looks, and have even stopped wearing foundation on a regular basis because my skin was consistently clear and behaving. There wasn't a break-in period for my face with I've had with other products. I started using the kit right away and absolutely love it!

dry, sensitive and still breaks out

Denver, CO


I am a convert


My rosacea was acting up and dry skin was flaking and face was hurting. Tried everything in my arsenal. Broke out this kit and used exclusively for a week. What a difference this made in my skin. Soothed my skin and helped the dryness. My rosacea was also helped. I am not saying my rosacea was cured--will not do that--but certainly helped it. Now that that crisis time is over whenever my skin is acting up I get this kit out and use it.



Life saver


This kit has changed my skin completely absolutely wonderful. I love both night and especially the day moisturizer, the spf 30 looks and feels natural . I do not wear makeup because I'm very confident now.I was wearing Clinique but all of there moisturizers with the spf left me red and irritated .I'm glad I found paulas choice no more breaking my head over what's good or bad.



My go-to product


I graduate cautiously to this recovery collection from the balancing products but didn't need to worry. I have sensitive skin that doesn't tolerate some types of natural oils that other companies like to smother their products with. The simplicity of these products works well with my face and I won't go back. Anti ageing next with the Resist collection! *gulp



So far so good


I have only been using this system for 5 days so far, but thus far I am impressed. I had not ventured from my go-to Cerave products in years (as they were the first skin care products to get rid of my under-the-skin forehead bumps) and it is often best not to mess with a good thing. However, with such dry skin, their lotions were not moisturizing enough and I began looking for alternatives. I have very sensitive skin though, so I am hesitant to try anything new. I went with Paula's choice because of the science behind it and so far it has been working well. My comments so far: 1. The facial cleanser is good and comparable to the Cerave hydrating cleanser - both are lotion-like and non-foaming. My face does not feel tight or dry after cleansing which is a great sign. It seems to remove my tinted sunscreen well. 5 out of 5 2. Skin Recovery Toner (I bought this in addition to the kit): This does not sting and helps remove the tinted sunscreen on my neck (as I don't cleanse it). I haven't noticed it feeling super hydrating, but it is definitely not drying and from what I understand toner may just be helping my existing moisture from escaping. 5 out of 5 3. AHA 8% Gel I only use this at night and this stuff burns. So much so I skipped it on the second night to give myself a break. However, over the past few nights, the burning sensation seems to be lessening and lasting a shorter time, although my cheeks do get a bit red. Aside from the uncomfortable sensation initially, it does eventually go away and I have not noticed any lasting irritation. I'm not sure if it is helping, but it doesn't seem to be hurting. 3.5 out of 5 4. Nighttime moisturizing lotion This is exactly what Cerave didn't have, an incredibly moisturizing lotion for bedtime. I really like how it feels & my skin definitely seems to be improving. My only qualm is that it smells a little funny. Oh well! 5 out of 5 5. Daytime SPF moisturizing lotion This is the only product in the kit that smells good - kind of like cucumbers. Everything else tends towards the bad smell spectrum. It is much easier to spread than the Cerave AM facial lotion which I like. It feels light, but seems to be moisturizing. It leaves a white cast (as most physical sunscreens do) so I top it off with Cotz's tinted sunscreen for extra protection and a bit of color. It is my version of foundation :). 5 out of 5 I also bought a trial version of the vitamin c and put a few drops on after toner and before the spf lotion in the morning - who knows if it is doing anything but it doesn't burn which is nice! All in all I am very happy with my purchase and will continue the routine.


long island


Ideal for dry skin


I noticed an immediate change in skin texture and moisture, my skin was recovering from the winter months and i desperately needed it. These products have lasted me the last five months, the only product i have run out of is the night cream because i would use it during the day sometimes. Also after 5 months i have noticed a significant change in my skin tone, it is much brighter and my freckles which became heavy in the beginning of summer due to lack of sunscreen (my bad) have almost vanished. However, since i bought this right before summer started, it did nothing for the oily parts of my skin. I noticed no difference in the size of my pores and i broke out a tad more than usual. I think i may have not realized that my skin was more combination then dry so, in retrospect, I really wish I had opted for a skin kit that included a BHA product. I would also like to mention to those who start out by saying they used these products religiously, and then complain about irritation after a while (not after first use), PLEASE listen to your skin, In my opinion, if your skin is getting more dry, skip the AHA, use the night cream during the day, if it feels normal, use this line as you normally would. I have skin that is iffy to- for two weeks i used the aha day and night and it was fine, the following week i couldn't use it at all, but as my skin became regularly moisturized i continued using it once a day no problem, and had really great results.






I have very dry and sensitive skin, this line makes is worse. Was very excited to try it after reading the reviews on the skin recovery products, but it doesn't work well on my skin type. It makes my skin worse, as soon I put in on my cheeks turns red and irritated and my face feels tight and doing the day start getting flakey. Gave it a chance and used it for a week but overall disappointed as expected the product to hydrate but instead leaving my skin iterated, red and dry.





4.3 10